Dodge County Eastman Development Authority

In Dodge County and Eastman Georgia you'll find...

The Right Manufacturing

Manufacturing is on display right here in Eastman and alongside a 6,500’ completely equipped runway.

There are essentially FIVE STEPS

for Advanced Aviation Manufacturing and it’s all in Dodge County!

STEP ONE: Raw Materials from which parts may be manufactured

California Metals

(a sister company to KENCOA) maintains a balanced supply of aluminum, steel, titanium and other exotic materials in stock, on the shelf and ready to be immediately delivered and formed into very close tolerance parts to be manufactured.

STEP TWO: A process to form raw materials into exacting parts

KENCOAClick to Visit Website

is a very close tolerance machining company with more than 75 professional staff members who are among the most skilled in the industry. With multiple approvals from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) such as Boeing, Lockheed, Gulfstream, and many others, the company has highly skilled craftsmen with a reputation for reliability, on-time delivery, and expert craftsmanship. They take pride in every step of the process from initial customer contact to final product delivery. KENCOA is a top two percent supplier for Lockheed. This is a very solid company with the expertise and equipment to meet the growing demand for precision manufacturing.

STEP THREE: Making a finished part stronger for its application

AREMAC HEAT TREATING Click to Visit Website

is one among some 50 or fewer World Class Heat Treating Companies in the US and is located at the Heart of Georgia Regional Airport. With approvals from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) like Boeing, Lockheed, Gulfstream, Airbus, and many others. (see their approvals list on this website, AREMAC is the “go-to” company for technical perfection time after time.

STEP FOUR: Finish coating to protect and preserve the part


The end process for practically any manufactured part is a specific surface treatment process consisting of either paint, plating, anodization as well as many other surface treatment options and combinations… Begun as a locally owned start-up company, Valence Surface Treatment has steadily grown due to its high quality, extreme reliability, and absolute on-time delivery. As the southeastern hub for a nationally recognized company with multiple locations across the USA, the Eastman plant serves customers throughout the southeastern corner of the US. With more than 100 skilled and experienced professionals, the Valence organization is one of the highest regarded surface treatment companies in the USA and we’re proud to have them call Eastman and Dodge County their southeastern center.

STEP FIVE: Getting the finished part to its destination on time

Of course, there are many ways to deliver finished products and we have and use them all.

FedEx, UPS, the USPS, the major trucking lines, Norfolk Southern railroad, a runway that supports C130 for emergency part distribution, and many others.

One local distribution company stands out in this area: WATKINS BROTHERS TRUCKING is a locally owned and operated firm with some 25 reliable trucks and drivers to haul for these companies and others throughout middle Georgia.

If delivery of your product is a traffic jam, we can overcome that problem with any one of a dozen or more immediate solutions, right here in Middle Georgia. As you can see, we already HAVE the five components of Advanced Aviation Manufacturing, in place, functioning and sustainable along with the right support systems to back it up and keep it going.

The Georgia Department of Labor offers services for both start-up and ongoing operations, including recruitment and screening of potential employees, and data on the state’s labor market. Additionally, qualified employers in Dodge County, Georgia can make use of the free and customized training provided through the Georgia Quick Start program, which utilizes the expertise from Middle Georgia State University, located in Dodge County.