Dodge County Eastman Development Authority

In Dodge County and Eastman Georgia you'll find...

The Right Incentives

In partnership with the State of Georgia, Dodge County offers an attractive incentives package designed to help offset start-up costs and encourage job creation and investment for qualifying companies.

Here’s a $1,000,000 Incentive:

*It’s true! As a TIER One Community, each of your 50 employees will generate a

Georgia State Income Tax Credit of $4,000 per year for 5 Years. 

($4,000 x 50 people x 5 years = $1,000,000)

That’s a One Million Dollar Personal Income Tax Credit for your company!

Dodge County is a TIER One and

HUBZone Certified Community.

Here’s why you should appreciate the
Georgia business tax environment:

  • We were first in the Southeast to adopt single-factor apportionment – so your corporate tax is calculated on one factor: the sales you make inside Georgia.
  • Georgia has NO “throwback rule” – your sales made elsewhere won’t be thrown back here for taxation.
  • Georgia lowers its corporate tax rate to 5.75% effective January 2019. For 50 years, it remained at 6%.
  • Georgia’s Job Tax Credit has been in place for 25 years; the Quality Jobs Tax Credit has been implemented for 15 years. Both are flagship incentives.
  • In certain areas your business can apply some tax credits to cover state payroll withholding liability.


Get more information on
Georgia’s Single-Factor Apportionment
and how it
Saves Corporate Tax Dollars.