Dodge County Eastman Development Authority

In Dodge County and Eastman Georgia you'll find...

The Right Healthcare

The Dodge County Hospital is a progressive 94 bed healthcare facility dedicated to meeting the challenges of the changing healthcare environment and is committed to providing quality healthcare for the valued citizens of Dodge County and surrounding communities.

▶ Community Healthcare is more important today than ever before and our community is blessed with one of the VERY best rural healthcare systems in Georgia.

▶ Offering 24/7 emergency care with skilled physicians and staff at the ready for treatment or triage with emergency helicopter delivery to the nearest treatment center to meet your need, that’s the Dodge County Hospital.

▶ 24/7 Professional Emergency treatment, immediate care, hospitalist on duty 24/7, in house stays and observations, our outstanding hospital is among the best in the business.

▶ With a strong board of directors, a rock solid administration, a professional staff of doctors, registered nurses

▶ Around the clock caregivers, you have it all within minutes of your location in Dodge County.

Rated number 11 of the top 100 in Georgia Trend Magazines’ annual rating.