Dodge County Eastman Development Authority

In Dodge County and Eastman Georgia you'll find...

The Right Aviation

The Beginning of Aviation in Dodge County.

Our first airport was a grass strip back in the 1950s with old Piper Cubs with a few early Cessnas and an occasional Beechcraft out on a joyride with a few “touch & go’s” for fun on a pretty blue sky Sunday afternoon.

Aviation is BIG in Dodge County Today.

Today, we have the only state-sponsored Aviation College, a division of Middle Georgia State University, where they’re training more than 1,150 students year-round. Piper trainer aircraft with fully equipped glass cockpits are everywhere with a few Cabri helicopters around and about.

The Perfect Location for Aviation is Dodge County.

Pilots learn to fly. Technicians earn their certifications, and expansion opportunities are on the horizon. You will be amazed by what you find going on in this perfectly located Class E airspace in the center of Georgia.