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We've Built An Advanced Aviation Manufacturing Community in the Center of Georgia

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World-Class 3 & 5 Axis Machining, Georgia’s largest router, water jet, and vertical lathe operations. Kencoa can manufacture your part(s) to within 1/10,000th spec.

Email:  info@kencoaaerospace.com

Phone: (478) 374-7766

Website: www.kencoaaerospace.com

World-Class Heat Treating. AREMAC East is a recognized leader in all types of heat treating including steel, aluminum, and titanium.   Please check our approvals

World-Class Surface Treatment. Valence is the world’s largest independent metal finishing company servicing the aviation, defense and space industries.

Email: quotes.eastman@valencest.com

Phone: (478) 374-5402

Website: www.valencesurfacetech.com

Our companies are NADCAP accredited and have Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed, Gulfstream, and other prime defense approvals.

We're at the center of Aviation Manufacturing

in the Southeastern USA...

...for generations to come!

MGSU, Georgia's ONLY state supported flight school...

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With more than 1,000 Students

Delta Propel Program

6,500 ft runway

with plans to expand to 8,000 ft.

A few important facts about Eastman, Georgia...

Electricity for 50,000 sf

Cost per KW hour, including all fees (demand charge and tax) $0.12-$0.13


3,500 students from k-12 | Two k-5 Elementary Schools | One 6-8 Middle School | One 9-12 High School - offers hands on training, NASA HUNCH Program, Dual Enrollment with Middle Georgia State University, Georgia Military College, and Oconee Fall Line Technical College | Apprenticeships available in all of our local plants.

Average Housing Prices

$150,000 3 bedroom brick home in a mature neighborhood would be taxed approximately $1,500 per year. Electricity cost would be averaged below $200 per month. Natural gas is available in most places with propane available similarly priced. $350,000 and up provides a nicer home.

City Water and Sewage Capacities

Current city water withdrawal capacity is 1.7 million gallons per day | Current sewage capacity is 1.8 million gallons per day | Average use per day is 400,000 with a max usage of 800,000.

Land Prices

Land prices range from $1,000 to $2,000 per acre with small and large tracts available.

You're gonna' love Eastman...

Thank you for having a brief look at Eastman and Dodge County Georgia. We’re a small, middle Georgia community with so much to offer manufacturers and suppliers who are considering relocating their businesses to areas with more favorable water, electricity, natural gas. We’re a solid, hard working and capable people who wholeheartedly support new business!

Please take a good look. Call the aviation related industry leaders and see what they have to say about operating their businesses here.   

we're gonna' make sure!

As Executive Director for the Dodge County Eastman Development Authority (DCEDA). It would be my pleasure to work with you and find City, County as well as State of Georgia support for your relocation to Dodge County.

We Want YOUR business in Eastman & Dodge County, the best kept secret in Advanced Aviation Manufacturing and we’re right here in Middle Georgia!!

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Charles Williams


Cell: (478) 231-8303

Office: (478) 374-4723